Building a mining rig with z370 chipset


Crypto currency prices are rising and also mining profitability, this causes more people to join the mining fever or adding more rig to your mine. We found that sometimes is difficult to find good prices for GPUs and right now we are seeing a shortage of motherboards.

We prefer to use z270 to low rig price, if you want check Building a mining rig for 2018 which uses z270 motherboard.

Usually when building a mining rig you want to spend as less as possible to get the investment quickly, we don't recommend to cut money on PSU! never!


Remeber that z370 motherboard are not compatible with gen9 CPUs, you will need i3 or celeron :( .

We choose 1200w since each card could consume 180w and a 1000w power supply could get tight. Remeber to lower power limit to 140w or less, especially when mining equihash. We are pretty sure that 6 GTX 1070 will consume 700w, but in the future with 1200w you can also dd two more GPUs using m2 adapter. We didn't test any m2 adapters.

We always prefer to have one power supply and to use 80% of the designaed capacity.

BIOS configuration for asus prime z370 for crypto mining

To allow mining you need to change to the following values:

  • Enable +4G
  • All PCI Slots must be on Gen2