The cheapest mining rig you can build in January 2018


There is a lot of critics about using GTX 1050Ti for mining, many people complain that earnings are not enough. You should analize if it is worth for you, we are going to show here a configuration and how much hashrate it provides.

We are going to use GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 to allow eth mining (due to DAG size is currently 3gb).


We are going to use 6 GTX1050Ti which will consume around 450w! (but it can be lower if you limit watts) To lower the price we are going to use GPUs with one fan, but if you live in a warm zone you must go to a better heatsink GPU. The whole setup was though to minimize mining rig price, which means less time to recover investment.

The first recommendation is to buy a Better cooled GTX 1050, but the price is pretty high on those versions. You can improve the rig by changing the pendrive to a SanDisk SSD 120GB, which is a recommended upgrade since there is a little difference in price.

The PSU we choose is 80plus platinum you can ubuy a cheaper oneto reduce costs, but we don't recommend it. Using this psu you can add two more gpus in the future if you power limit the cards.

At stock the GPU is expected to do 12MH/s, but with some overclock on memory it could go up to 14MH/s. We don't recommned to overclock a lot since all energy is taken from pcie. The total hashrate of this mining rig for eth is 85MH/s or a little less.

Remeber not to use molex to sata adapters! Use molex directly or with some 6/8 pin adapter to molex (1050 don't use 6/8 pins). Always aovid using sata.

As for zcash (equihash) the performance could go from 172.5 to 190 sol/s.

To improve earnings check whattomine, nicehash will return 10usd a day today (Jan 23). To get a similar performance you will need to buy between two and three GTX 1070.