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tmux cheatsheet

Terminal MUltipleXer (tmux) allows you to switch between several terminals in one. In this tmux cheat sheet, we show the most common actions and commands, like list session, new window, tmux detach.

How to execute sudo with no password

In this short tutorial, we are going to explain how to configure the /etc/sudoers file for no password sudo. TLDR; username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL . We will also explain how to use a group to allow execution of sudo with no password.Check our...

Moviepy: example script with subtitles

In this short tutorial, we are to explain how to use moviepy to add subtitles to a video. We use CompositeVideoClip for adding the subtitles in the center position of the video. With this script you can add subtitles as a batch process to multiple videos.

Mac OSX: OSError: MoviePy Error missing magick font

If you are trying to render font using moviepy you will need to install ghost script with brew install Ghostscript to have all the required fonts by moviepy. Check here for full details.

Error message Posting only possible in periods DATE and DATE in company code CODE M7053

The error is common when *Actual GI date* was not given by the user, in this case, SAP will use the current system date. Usually, the current system date is not in the valid period and the error *M7053* is raised. Check the full solution to know how...