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Online safety in dating apps

In this blog post we give you some tips when using dating sites on the internet. Dating sites could be dangerous if you are not careful.

RTX 2080 Ti TensorFlow GPU benchmarks: The best GPU of 2018

In this short blog post we are going to show benchmarking results of the latest RTX 2080ti. We also will try to answer the question if the 2080ti is the best GPU for deep learning in 2018? We found that the 2080ti is 27% faster then the 1080ti on FP32 benchmarks. For FP16 the 2080ti is 38% better. The 2080ti is 25% more expensive than than the 1080ti.

Recommended TOP 10 books for learning Kali Linux penetration (2018)

Kali is a Linux distribution that comes with the most important penetration tools. Kali is a fundamental linux distribution to learn and in this blog post we recommend the best books for learning penetration skills using kali.

New tutorials version!

We just release a new version of tutorials.technology using python pelican.

Two algorithms you must know for a software engineering interview

If you are pareparing for a software interview there are two graph algorithms you must know: BFS and DFS. We will use python code for examples.

Javascript: Why you should use for() to iterate

If in your code you are using Array.forEach, check this blog post about the performance of javascript using for(). Learn how to improve the performance of the forEach in javascript.

The best kali compatible usb WiFi Adapter/Dongles for 2018

We review WiFi chipset for use with kali for monitor mode and packet injection. We recommend best compatibl usb wiresless adapter for kali linux: the RTL8812AU for dual band and AR9271 for 2.4Ghz. We also review another chipset from different vendors. Check here to choose the best USB Adapter for use with linux to perform security audit or monitoring.

Choosing the JavaScript Framework for next project

A new year started and new javascript frameworks are starting to gain popularity. We wrote a blog post to review trending js frameworks of 2018

Hashcat GPU benchmarking table for Nvidia en AMD

Check GPU performance and hashrate using hashcat. We show you a table to compare different GPU models

Top 3 Best FREE Video Editing Software

Top 3 best FREE Video Editing Software. Learn what are the best video edtiros that can be downloaded for free without watermarks.