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django rest framework: type object 'Token' has no attribute 'objects'

When you are using auth token with Django rest framework and you get the error type object 'Token' has no attribute 'objects', this means that didn't add the auth token in the settings' INSTALLED_APPS.

Django SOLUTION: TEST_DATABASE_PREFIX TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str

In this article we explain how to fix the error "TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str", when you execute unit tests. You need to specify sqlite database engine! check here for the full solution

tar xf error: Directory renamed before its status could be extracted

If you get th error Directory renamed before its status could be extracted when using tar, execute: apt install -y bsdtar && ln -sf $(which bsdtar) $(which tar)

OSX Catalina: ld: library not found for -lssl SOLUTION

When you compile something that requires ssl you need to set the export LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/opt/openssl/lib/, check here for more details

Gitlab-CI Runner: sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

When you execute sudo on a gitlab-ci job you can get the folllowing error: "sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified", the solution is to add gitlab-runner user in the sudoers file with NOPASSWD. Check this article for more information.

Python 3: ValueError: bad marshal data (unknown type code)

If you try to execute python project using python 2 and then switched to python 3, it's common to see the error ValueError: bad marshal data (unknown type code). Delete pycs recursively, check here for the command.

Raspberry pi and Python 3.7 : zipimport.ZipImportError: can't decompress data; zlib not available

Install the package zlib1g-dev using the command: sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev to fix the error zipimport.ZipImportError: while installing python 3.7 from sources

Hugo How to ignore watch files on the server

You can use watchIgnoreFiles = [ "\\.foo$", "\\.boo$" ] to ignore watch files when using hugo. Add the ignore list to the config.toml.

Docker: how to delete all containers or images

Check here how to remove all containes with one line command :docker rm $(docker ps -aq). This is useful when you use docker in dev environments and you forgot to delete non-used containers.

Apt-get install prompts for restart services when installing packages (SOLVED)

When you update with "apt-get upgrade" or install packages that require libssl1.0.0 you will be prompted if you wan to restart services without asking. Since the prompt is interactive this will break some automatic deploys or continous integration. You can set the environment variable DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive to disable any prompt.