Hashcat GPU benchmarking table for Nvidia en AMD


If you are planning to create a cracking rig for research purposes check out GPU hashcat benchmark table below.

We tested hashcat against a lot of GPUs. We found that some old GPU (and cheap) give awesome results, at the cost of more power hungry GPU.

In particular, we recommend buying AMD 7950 or R9 280 or better. We found those model very cheap. To lower the power consumption we modified the bios to lower the GPU core speed. After some experience with mining, we found that lowering the core speed by 20% didn't have a big impact on hashrate and also lowered the wattage a lot ( we got 175w per card with 7950 instead 250w).

If you are going to build a linux machine and use AMD card, be worry about driver configuration!. Nvidia card are easy to configure in Linux. If you are going the windows path, don't worry about AMD. Our setup uses R9 280x with four gpu using pci risers (1x to 16x), very similar to zcash mining rig configs. In particular, we used Linux and we were able to configure the GPU, but it took us several days to make it work (we had to patch amd driver to work with kernel 4).

However, if you are willing to invest we recommend buying the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti which provides 576000 hash/s!

The hashcat GPU benchmark comparison table

Below we show you the table to compare hash rate. We choose two algorithms MD4 and WPA2 to make the table small.

WPA2 hashcat benchmarking

GPUWPA2 hash rate
RTX 2080 Ti 758700 hash/s
Nvidia RTX 2080 Founders Edition571400 hash/s
Nvidia GTX 1080Ti576000 hash/s
Radeon VII 16GB534000 hash/s
Nvidia GTX 1080396800 hash/s
GeForce GTX 1070285000 hash/s
Radeon RX 580224000 hash/s
Radeon RX 480185000 hash/s
Radeon R9 390X200000 hash/s
Radeon R9 380X145000 hash/s
Radeon R9 295 x2347000 hash/s
Radeon R9 290X163000 hash/s
Radeon R9 290147000 hash/s
Radeon R9 280X105000 hash/s
Radeon R9 280101000 hash/s
Radeon R9 270X77000 hash/s
Radeon R9 27070000 hash/s
Radeon R7 260x OC56000 hash/s
Radeon R7 24012000 hash/s
GeForce GTX titan XP520000 hash/s
GeForce GTX titan X279000 hash/s
GeForce GTX titan88000 hash/s
GeForce GTX titan black105000 hash/s
GeForce GTX titan Z188000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 980 Ti240000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 980200000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 970150000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 960115000 hash/s
Radeon HD 775024700 hash/s
Radeon HD 777038700 hash/s
Radeon HD 785053300 hash/s
Radeon HD 787077400 hash/s
Radeon HD 795090700 hash/s
Radeon HD 7970114600 hash/s
Radeon HD 657018100 hash/s
Radeon HD 685043200 hash/s
Radeon HD 687058500 hash/s
Radeon HD 693057100 hash/s
Radeon HD 695068100 hash/s
Radeon HD 697081800 hash/s
Radeon HD 6990154300 hash/s
Radeon HD 43501900 hash/s
Radeon HD 45502000 hash/s
Radeon HD 46508800 hash/s
Radeon HD 467010000 hash/s
Radeon HD 473020400 hash/s
Radeon HD 477020400 hash/s
Radeon HD 483015600 hash/s
Radeon HD 485021300 hash/s
Radeon HD 486019000 hash/s
Radeon HD 487025500 hash/s
Radeon HD 489028900 hash/s
Radeon HD 555010200 hash/s
Radeon HD 557015100 hash/s
Radeon HD 567018000 hash/s
Radeon HD 575029200 hash/s
Radeon HD 577039500 hash/s
Radeon HD 583052000 hash/s
Radeon HD 585060600 hash/s
Radeon HD 587079000 hash/s
Radeon HD 5970134000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 780 Ti100000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 78077000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 77052000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 76039000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 75042000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 750 Ti sc61000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 750 Ti oc56000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 750 Ti55000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 690:54300 hash/s
GeForce GTX 670:23700 hash/s
GeForce GTX 660 Ti:37000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 680:29000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 550 Ti:13400 hash/s
GeForce GTX 560 Ti:24500 hash/s
GeForce GTX 570:34609 hash/s
GeForce GTX 580:38900 hash/s
GeForce GTX 590:61200 hash/s
GeForce GTX 460:17600 hash/s
GeForce GTX 465:21000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 470:26800 hash/s
GeForce GTX 480:33100 hash/s
GeForce GTS 250:10000 hash/s
GeForce GTX 260:10100 hash/s
GeForce GTX 275:11400 hash/s
GeForce GTX 280:14300 hash/s
GeForce GTX 285:13200 hash/s
GeForce GTX 295:25400 hash/s
Tesla S1070 400:53100 hash/s
Tesla S1070 500:59000 hash/s