jQuery: get a checkbox value using jQuery


In this tutorial, we explain how to check if the checkbox is checked using JQuery.

We will explain many alternatives in this tutorial, we recommend to try all of them to learn more about JQuery. An input of the type checkbox is usually defined by the following HTML:

<input type="checkbox" id="conditions"/> I agree the conditions

In the following examples, we are going to select the input control by its id, "conditions". We will also explain how to set the checkbox value.

Using the prop method

Using the new property method will return true or false.


Using the new property method:

if($('#conditions').prop('checked')) { 
}  else {

In the example we use jQuery to get checkbox value and print a console message if checked. For this solutions, you are required to use jQuery 1.6 or newer.

Using javascript without libs

The checked property of a checkbox input will return the checked state of the element.

As an example:

if(document.getElementById('conditions').checked) { 
    $("#inputName").show(); }
else { $("#inputName").hide(); 

Using the JQuery's is()

You can also use jQuery's is(). Here we show a simple example on how to use it. Note the double dots on the parameter:

if($("#conditions").is(':checked')) {
} else {

How to set a checkbox value

Using attr to get checked

Another approach is to use attr of a jquery object:

if ($("#conditions").attr("checked")) {
} else {

Using the checked property as an attribute

You can also use the attr to the set value of the checkbox:


Using the jquery toggle to a checkbox

Using toggle could result in a simple code: