How to use the Raspberry Pi as RTSP Stream Viewer



In this tutorial, we are going to use raspberry pi has a RTSP Stream viewer. Since raspberry pi has an hdmi port you can connect it to a tv and use it for surveillance. We require a properly configured raspberry pi to install and configure the displaycameras project. displaycameras is a set of scripts run as a service on RaspberryPi hardware to locally display RTSP streams from Ubiquiti security camera systems.

Step 1: Download the source code

Clone the git repo System for displaying RTSP feeds from IP cameras on the Raspberry Pi

For this steps you need to install wget (apt install wget)

wget https://github.com/Anonymousdog/displaycameras/archive/master.tar.gz
tar -xvzf ./master.tar.gz
cd displaycameras

Step 2: Install the software

chmod +x ./install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

Step 3: Configuraiton

The project has a file called displaycameras.conf in the directory /etc/displaycameras/displaycameras.conf

Step 4: Upgrade (optional)

To upgrade the software execute:

sudo ./install.sh upgrade