The best free Angular2 admin dashboard


Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular2 free

Recently at tutorials dot technology we installed a new admin dashboard. Since we wanted something open source, after some research, we opted to install Light Bootstrap Dashboard.

This is a great and beatiful admin dashboard. This free and opensource admin dashboard features:

  • Fully responsive.
  • 16 Handcrafted Components
  • 2 Customized Plugins

We are using it to manage our CMS content and it was very easy to add it. We were so pleased that to avoid losing time on adding more components to it we bought the Pro version that comes with 120 components, 15 plugins, documentation and more!.

If want to get the free version just download it from github.

If you want the full pro version, you can buy it from here.

If you want a tutorial on how to use the free version, please contact us with a comment here or via our contact page.