Review: Zotac 1080 mini 8gb: A good graphics card for mining and very cheap



Zotac GTX1080 8GB mini

Today Jan 19, 2018 GPU prices are on rise and there is a shortage of GPU again. Mining earning are very high and return of investment are tipical 5 to 7 months, and if you find good prices it could be lower. We always buy gigabyte, msi or evga and try to stay way from other brands. From our point of view Zotac GTX1080 8gb Mini looks like low quality, but also low prices.

We found a great suprice with this Zotac GTX1080 8gb Mini model, it was a great graphics card for mining and it's very small size. Warranty is also great and very long upto 5 years, but the normal warranty is 3 years.

In this review we are not going to do overclock, we don't recommend to do mining and OC. Anyways with this model we don't think is a good idea to OC since it only has two fans and small pipe heatsink.

Details and photos

The card comes with micron memory:

alt text

When took the card out of the box the quality was very good and the expected for a GTX1080. It was funny to take so small card from a such big box!

The card comes with a backplate with helps to disipate heat (it was at 55C when mining)

alt text

Zotac GTX1080 8gb mining temperatures

After 4 hours of running EWBF miner we got this temperature with room temps from 30,4C to 28C:

alt text


While we were doing our tests the ambient temp was 30,4C. Near the mining rig temperature was 34C (we are using 7 gpus). After mining three hours and with a power limit of 130w the mining temperature was 65C. We know that for this type of card 65C could be a lot, but here we are in summer (South America) and with high ambient temperature 65C sounds very reasonable. We are also using Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 and those cards are running at 62C but they are equipped with three fans.

Hashrate is about 481 Sol/s with 130w as porwer limit and 501 Sol/s with 140w as power limit (temp went up to 67C, room temp was 31C). We used EWBF miner for benchmarking.