How To Known what DNS Servers Address you are using


How To Known what DNS Servers Address you are using

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to know what is your DNS server addresses. DNS is a key service when using the internet, almost any protocol uses it and without you will need to remember IP address instead of names. Without this DNS service you can't use the internet (almost).

You ISP usually provides you with a DNS server address that has a copy of DNS records.

Linux and OSX

THe following command will print on the terminal the DNS address your system is using:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

Entries starts with nameserver and the second column are the addresses of the DNS services.

nameserver 188.XXX.200.9
nameserver 189.XXX.201.1


On Windows you need to follow this steps:

Step 1: open cmd termal

Start button > Run > 

At the run prompt type cmd and press enter. When cmd opens execute the commend:

ipconfig /all

You should DNS server IP address, and other information related to Windows networking


Public DNS Servers

If for some reasons your DNS service is not working you can try the following IP address:


Those are google DNS servers. They are free to use and have a great uptime.