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How to show seconds/minutes or years ago using javascript

Sometimes you want to show the user dates in a better way like " a few seconds ago", " two minutes ago", etc. In this brief solution we explain how to use momemnt.js to convert a date or string to this format.

How to add a column to an existing table in SQL Server (ALTER TABLE Statement)

In this solution we are going to review how to add a column to an existing table on SQL Server with default values. In this small solution you will learn how to add a columns in table. You can use the ALTER TABLE statement in SQL Server. We will show an example using the NOT NULL constraint.

Solved! Fiona 1.7.1 missing GeoPackage & FileGDB

If you are missing GeoPackages or ESRI FileGDB as suuported drivers, execute: pip install -I fiona --no-binary fiona. This will compile the source of Fiona and link to your installed libraries. Check here for full description of the problem.

OSX: Python anaconda error when installing pip

When you install pip with "conda install pip" and you got the error "CondaOSError: OS error: failed to link", try to delete the pip package from your anaconda. See here for full details on how to solve this issue.

How to stop or remove all Docker containers with one command?

Use docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) to stop all containers. If oyu want to remove them jsut use "rm" instead of "stop". Check here to understand how the command works.

Bash: How to use loops?

Detailed explanation on how to use bash loop using "for". See here some example how to iterate using bash.

How to Extract .zip File in AIX

If using AIX unzip throws the error End-of-central-directory signature not found. Check here for solutions

SAP GUI Logon Error Message: SAP System Message N

Solution to SAP GUI Login error: SAP System Message N. If someone changed the SAN volume name you will need to restart the system. Check here for more details. Sometimes restating the SAPMMC solves the issue.

Oracle: SQL query to Select Column Names From the Table

Check here how to retrieve column names on Oracle database: Select column_name from user_ta.....

Solution for ABAP Runtime Error: DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST

If you have an ABAP runtime error DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_REQUEST on your SAP system, check here the solution. For windows you will need the loopback adapter and in linux you will need to verify the /etc/hosts file.