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SOLVED -> Error: webpack.optimize.CommonsChunkPlugin has been removed, please use config.optimization.splitChunks instead.

If you upgrade to webpack 4 and got the error "Error: webpack.optimize.CommonsChunkPlugin has been removed, please use config.optimization.splitChunks instead.", try to add the new config section called optimization since on webpack 4 CommonsChunkPlugin was removed and it was replaced by optimization.splitChunks.

Flask-Security error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'send'

Check here the solution of the flask-security error AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'send'. You need to configure flask-mail.

python3 create new empty file

With python3 the best way to touch a file is by using the Path class from pathlib. Once you have an instance of Path (from pathlib import Path) you can use the touch method(): Path('empty_file').touch()

Nginx static files return 403 even with correct permission

If you have the correct owner and permission on your statis directory and you still get an error 403 with nginx, check if selinux is not allowing nginx to server the files. use the command chcon -Rt httpd_sys_content_t /var/www... to allow http to be served from that directory. Check this solution for full details

gohugo: How to exclude content from sitemap.xml

When you use hugo there is no built in way to exclude pages from the sitemap. In this short solution we explain how to exclude 404 page from the sitemap when using gohugo. Our solution is to use a custom sitemap template, check here for a gohugo example sitemap template.

How to install a dependency with pip from github using

Steps to install a python dependency from git in the using dependency_links. Make sure the user is using this format: git+ . Check here for more details.

Python3 and Pillow: ValueError: --enable-jpeg requested but jpeg not found, aborting.

Check here how to solve the error "ValueError: --enable-jpeg requested but jpeg not found, aborting." while installing Pillow with Python3

Android how to disable 2g, 3g or change preferred network type

On the phone dialer type in *#*#4636#*#* and you will be able to change settings. See our article for more details.

Python Pip: No matching distribution found for Twisted/Pillow

When you try to install Twisted you could get the error: "No matching distribution found for Twisted". One couse could be that you python is missing some extension, like bz2. You will need to change your pytohn interpreter or recompile it.

Python cryptography: ImportError: No module named setuptools_ext

When you install cryptography with the command `pip install cryptography --upgrade`, the following error is raised: ImportError: No module named setuptools_ext. Try to upgrade cffi with: pip install -U cffi. Check here for all steps to solve this issue.