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How to Install aircrack-ng on Debian Linux?

How to install lastest aircrack-ng version on debian linux or in any linux distribution (compilation from official source code)


Python: How to Parse String to a Number (Float or Integer)

We explain how to parse numeric expression like 3.144 to float or 42 to intefers using python.


Which is the proper way to compare strings in Java?

When comparing string in java you could get confused with unexpected result using ==. Should you use equals() in java to compare strings?


How to Redirect using HTML

To redriect using HTML add a meta with the desired url. Check here for more details


Python: how to recursively search for files traversing directories

How to search files and directories using python (recursively file search with python). Code examples for python 2 and 3.


How to write IF...THEN in an SQL query? (sql server)

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to wirte an IF...THEN statement with SQL Server. We use the sql standard CASE and also explain the IIF statement.


CloudFlare: How to log original IP with nginx


Analysis of travel salesman problem

Travel salesman problem (TSP) is a very well know computer science problem which is really easy to understand but it's a NP-hard problem. The problem is about finding te shortest possible route that visits each city and returns to the origin. Here we analyze the problem and variants of it.


Things you should knwo about javascript to become a better software developer

How to improve as a javascript developer. If you are an intermediate programmer and stuck at your level try to read this article and study the ideas here with more details.


Clone all repositories of a git server (works for gitolite, bitbucket, gitlab)

Check this tutorial to learn how to clone all git repos for gitolite, bitbucket or gitlab. We are going to show you bash code to clone all repositories of your username.