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Understanding the go scheduler

The scheduler tries to use a small number of kernel threads to support high concurrency. It will leverage parallelism to scale to many cores. In this tutorial, we explain with some details how the go scheduler works to distribute goroutines over kernel threads.


How to change postgresql database encoding to UTF8 from SQL_ASCII

In this tutorial, we explain how to change the encoding of a database in PostgreSQL. Use sudo -u postgres psql -C “SHOW SERVER_ENCODING” your_database to display the database encoding. You can create a new database with utf8 using the command: sudo -u postgres createdb -E utf8 your_database. If you already have a database with SQL_ASCII and you want to convert it to utf8 you will need to regenerate it, check here for the full guide.

Introduction to asynchronous networking programming with go

With go you don’t have threads, you have goroutines which are very cheap in terms of stack and scheduling. Go has a scheduler which works like an event loop, but it allows the developer to forget about events, queues, saving state, etc. Check our tutorial to learn to go networking programming.


Ubuntu upgrade postgres to version 10

In this tutorial we are going to upgrade PostgreSQL 9.X to 10. The following steps will work for Ubuntu 14.04, 17.04 and 16.04. Check our guide for easy upgrade with some troubleshooting also.


Flask abort with json example

In this short tutorial we show an example on how to return a json when using flask.abort: abort(jsonify(message="Message goes here"), 400). See alse an alternative using flask handlers to return a json.


linux hardware info command: inxi

In this tutorial we use inxi to show software and hardware information. Inxi command will show all the information several commands shows like lscpu, hwinfo, lshw, dmidecode, lspci. You can install inxi from official repositories of well know linux distros.

Using Alfa awus036nha kali linux

In this small guide we will setup the alfa awus036nha model for kali linux. We also troubleshoot some common errors with this device and small tutorial on how to use the alfa awus036nh with aircrack ng. Check here the full article!


Nmap: how to install nse scrips

In this tutorial we are going to add new scripts to nmap, this will allow to do an Advanced vulnerability scanning with Nmap NSE scrips. Follow this simple steps to download new nse scripts and to enable them.

How to create a vmware OVA from a virtualbox ova

If you want to import an ova generated with virtualbox you will get the error: "Line 65: Unsupported hardware family 'virtualbox-2.2'.". In this tutorial we are going to to create an OVA file compatible with vmware.


How to use the Raspberry Pi as RTSP Stream Viewer

In this tutorial, we are going to use raspberry pi has a RTSP Stream viewer for Ubiquiti security camera systems