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How to change MySQL root Password

In this tutorial we explain how to reset the password of root user in MySQL. We explain how to change it using mysqladmin and using queries. We also explain how to change root password when you forgot the previous password using mysql_safe command with --skip-grant-tables


How to install source code from tarball files on linux?

Usually you should use your package manager to install software in Linux, but sometimes you need to install software from source code. The most common steps are to execute: ./configure;make;make install. Check here for full details


Converting String to Int in Java?

With Java, you can use the Integer.parseInt(). Here we will show you how to use parseInt to convert a String into an integer using Java. You can also use valueOf. Remember that when the string is not a valid integer it will be thrown NumberFormatException. check here for more details.


How to compile and upload code to NodeMCU ESP8266

In this tutorial we are going to setup an arduino IDE to developer for the NodeMCU CP2102 ESP8266 ESP-12F with the LCD module. Here we will use a project that uses WiFi and we will show network activity on the LCD. Learn how to develop and upload code to this amazing board!. Check here for full details


JavaScript: How to know if and Object is empty?

In general there is now way to check is a javascript object is empty. We create a new function to verify if the object is empy. As an optional step we add it to the object prototype.


JavaScript: Learn key value iteration

Learn key value iteration with some helpful examples. We also cover some examples using jQuery.


Bootstrap 4 Navbar Breakpoint (we also cover 3.1 and older)

When making responsive sites with bootstrap is common to have problems when navbar collapses. Sometimes the navbar collapses too soon or too late. Bootstrap 4 has added support to solve this problem using new classes. The componen has navbar-expand-* classes. check here for more details.

Ubuntu 18.04: Installing Apache2 + PHP5 + MySQL + phpMyAdmin

In this short tutorial we explain how to install phpmyadmin with apache 2 on ubuntu 18.04.


Go: How to write/read data to a CSV file?

Learn how to write/read data to a csv file using the go lenguage


Go: How to search and replace text using golang?

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to use string.Replace function and Replacer class. We are going to show you some example code.