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How to remove Nouveau kernel driver (fix Nvidia install error)

When installing official Nvidia drivers you will get an error "The Nouveau kernel driver is currently in use by your system". In this brief tutorial we explain how to disable the Nouveau driver.


AMD Video card not detected after bios mod (rx470, rx480,rx570,rx580 affected models)

For cryptocurrency mining it's very common to modify the bios to improve hashrate performance on AMD video card. With latest AMD drivers the card will not be detected since thew BIOS checksum will not be valid. We explain alternatives to continue using your card with bios mod in this article.


Moving PostgreSQL data directory to a new path

Sometimes you need to change the data directory of postgresql when adding disks, changing to a RAID of disks. In this tutorial we explain the steps to change data directrory.


How to create a monero wallet

Learn with a few steps how to create a monero wallet in Linux , OSX or windows. Monero is the secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency.


How to share internet with Gnome 3 (Fedora 26 also works)

Use you linux computer to share your WiFi connection to ethernet.


How to UPDATE from SELECT using SQL Server

In this tutorial we explain how to update one table using another one with select clause.


How to fix kernel_task CPU usage on High Sierra (OSX)

We explain how to solve when kernel_task is using too much cpu like 100% or it has high cpu time. In this tutorial we will fix high cpu usage on OSX MacBook Pro and others after high sierra update. Make sure you removed all usb devices!


How to iterate an array in javascript? (the proper way)

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to loop through all the objects in an array using JavaScript.


Java: How to Generate random integers in a range

In this tutorial we will explain how to generate a random numbers between a range using different java versions and methods.


How to configure WPA2 enterprise on linux LEDE

Steps to configure WPA2 enterprise (802.1x) on linux lede. This will add the ability to have individual usernames and passwords. This will add more security to your WiFi.