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Using bettercap for wifi wardriving using Raspberry pi

In this tutorial we explain how to configure a raspberry pi to use bettercap for wireless wardriving. In particular we use the caplet airodump.cap. We also recommend which hardware to use for wardriving with a raspberry pi. Following this steps you will be able to install bettercap on a raspberrypi.


How to use crazyradio and mousejack

In this tutorial we explain how to use the crazyradio device to do a vulnerability assesment of wireless devices. We explain how to install all the tools required and how to change the firmware of the crazyradio. Check here how to sniff wireless keyboard. If you find that your device is vulnerable you need to update the device firmware.

How to use python to access google Spreadsheets

In this tutorial, we are going to use gspread python library to access Google Spreadsheets. We are going to see how to set up credentials on your google account and then how to use the python library to access the spreadsheet. As an example, we will provide a script the calculates the total portfolio value and saves it on the spreadsheet to have a historical data


Python function to generate secure random password

In this short tutorial, we will explain how to write a function to generate a secure random password generator. the function will accept size and chars as parameters. We use SystemRandom since it's more secure and provides more entropy.


Install Golang 1.10 on Raspberry Pi

Tutorial to install golang 1.10 in raspberry pi in a few steps.


Iterm2: terminal where in my cursor behaves strangely

When using iTerm2 the cursor could behaves strangely on tmux or apps console, especially with tmux. You need to enable Enable "Use Unicode Version 9 Widths" on your profile settings.


Remove a pinned certificate from Firefox and Chrome

For firefox you need to edit the file SiteSecurityServiceState.txt. For chrome you need to enter to the url : chrome://net-internals/#hsts. Check this article for full details.


Unifi controller install steps and troubleshooting

In this short tutorial we explain how to install unifi controller in ubuntu. Just install it with sudo apt install unifiafter adding the ubiquiti repository.


pip install error: locale.Error: unsupported locale setting

When you install a apackage with pip and you get the error: locale.Error: unsupported locale setting, try to set the locale like this: export LC_ALL=C. Check out full solution here!


Using the host command to perform DNS queries

The command **host** is a DNS lookup utility that can be used to make DNS queries. Check this tutorial to learn how to use the host command. We are going to explain how to use it here.