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How to convert mkv to mp4 on macOS

We will explain how to convert several file from mkv to mp4 using the command line on macOS or OSX


Python class the concepts you need to know

Learn importante concepts of python programming in this tutorial, like python class, objects, modules, duck typing, etc


How to calculate the hash of big files with python

We break the file in parts to be able to process very big files with python to calculate any hash function.


How to check what is my public IP Address on linux using the command line

Easy steps to get your public IP address on the linux command line.


Adding new encrypted hard disk to Fedora

Steps to add an additional hard disk using encryption on Fedora 25. The steps can be followed with other Linux distribution.


Processing WiFi packets with Scapy using Python 3

We will use scapy to analyze wifi packets to extract bssid, essid, beacon frames and more.


Improving WiFi performance on Linux LEDE


How to upgrade TP-WDR3600 from OpenWRT to LEDE

We will upgrade Tp-link WDR3600 router with OpenWRT to LEDE firmware in this tutorial.


Things to do after installing Linux LEDE 17.01

We recommend to do several things after installing Linux LEDE, like adding a USB drive, security hardening, network optimizations.


How to check video card memory RAM on linux

We will show you different ways to know how much memory has your video card on linux.