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Improving WiFi performance on Linux LEDE


How to upgrade TP-WDR3600 from OpenWRT to LEDE

We will upgrade Tp-link WDR3600 router with OpenWRT to LEDE firmware in this tutorial.


Things to do after installing Linux LEDE 17.01

We recommend to do several things after installing Linux LEDE, like adding a USB drive, security hardening, network optimizations.


How to check video card memory RAM on linux

We will show you different ways to know how much memory has your video card on linux.


How to create a directory with GO

We use the "os" package Mkdir function to create a directory with GO.


How to create a live usb of fedora 25 with KDE from any OS (from ubuntu, windows, osx also)

We will use the Etcher tool to create a live usb to install fedora 25 and replace Ubuntu.


Go project skeleton

In this tutorial we will generate a go project skeleton or directory structure. As an example the command will send a message to slack.


How to add a real time clock to a Raspberry Pi 2

Learn how to add a real time clock (RTC) to the Raspberry Pi 2 in very easy steps.


How to install Apache2 from source code using git on Linux

Follow this easy tutorial to install Apache 2 HTTP Server from source code on Linux.


How to install nginx echo module latest version

Nginx echo module brings "echo", "sleep", "time", "exec", etc to Nginx. This module is not distributed with nginx.