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How to delete a Git branch and tags locally and remotely?

Learn how to use git to delete local and remote branchs. We also include how to delete tags.


jQuery: get a checkbox value using jQuery

We explain how to get the value of the checked property in an HTML checkbox and then trigger an action based on the value. We recommend to use $('#conditions').prop('checked') when using jQuery 1.6+. If you want to set the checkbox value use: $("#conditions").attr("checked",true);. For Using the jquery toggle to a checkbox use $("#conditions").toggle(this.checked);`


How to redirect to another page using jQuery

Learn how to redirect to another page using javascript the correct way. You don't need to use jQuery to do the redirect. Check here the proper way to do a jquery redirect using just the window.location.replace("//tutorials.technology"), white will avoid the back button infinite redirect. Check this tutorial for more details.


How to directly initialize a HashMap (in a literal way)?

How to initialize a Java HashMap with curly brackets notation. Learn here some alternatives.


Oracle SQL: How to write a que for filterting Date columns

Oracle SQL date format can be tricky to understand and could make you loose time to figure out why a query is not working. We use TRUNCATE and TO_DATE function to create a query to filter by a date on a timestamp column.


How to upgrade LEDE Linux using opkg (or trying to do opkg upgrade)


How to convert virtual box disk to KVM qcow

With a few linux commands convert any virtual box disk or virtual machine for use with KVM virtualization.


How to setup Flask with gunicorn and nginx with example

Follow this steps to configure flask application with gunicorn wsgi using nginx. We also extend the tutorial for load balance flask application using nginx. We will explain everything from installation to boot scripts for gunicorn.


Install nginx from source code

Here we explaint he most easy way to convert virtual box virtual machines to kvm.


Installing Python 3.6.2 on raspberry pi (raspbian)

This guide explain with steps how to install python 3.6.2 on raspberrypi