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How to install and configure MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04

Follow this guide to installing MySQL on ubuntu 16.04. We also cover how to create a database user.


How to install Java (Oracle) the proper way on Ubuntu 16.04

Find here the best way to install Oracle Java on Ubuntu 16.04.


Webassembly initial steps tutorial or how to start with wasm

Webassembly initial steps for the begginer. Learn how to setup the development environment with a simple example.


How to serve Django application using uWSGI with Nginx

A tutorial that shows how to setup a Django app using uWSGI with Nginx.


What is a virtualenv and how to install it?

Learn how to isolate a python application with virtualenv the easiest way.


How to XZ a directory with TAR for maximum compression?

XZ is a lossless data compression algorithm that has the better compression ratio, learn how to use it on Linux here.


How to undo last commit not pushed?

Here we explain how to undo or fix wrong commited files to Git that were not pushed to external repository.


How to check that a file or directory exists with Python?

For checking if a file exists with Python 3 you can use the Path python3 Path class from pathlib module. The Path class has the method exists and is\_file. We also give some examples with Python 2 using the os.path.isfile function.


Postgres query performance analysis and optimization

Learn how to analyze and optimize postgres query performance with an example.


How to add or resize swap partition on Ubuntu 16.04

Learn how to add more swap space to Ubuntu 16.04. Also learn how to resize a swap partition.