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Encrypting a second hard drive on Ubuntu after installation

Steps to add a new hard drive using encryption


Beginners: Everything you need to know about HTML Forms

Learn how to use HTML forms, how to debug using chrome dev tools and how to simulate a form request with python requests


Introduction Tutorial to scala with simple examples

A fast way to learn scala with examples.


Create an application with websockets and flask

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to create a webscokets application with python using flask.


Start a flask project from zero: Building a REST API

In this tutorial we explain how to build a REST API using flask. We try to create an environment similar to django (with management commands to migrate the database using flask).


How to pass a variable as reference in python

How are arguments passed in python? In this tutorial we explain more details on how parameters are passed.


Python slice notation explained

In this tutorial we explain what the slice notation means with some examples.


How to copy or clone a list in Python3

In this tutorial we explain how to do a proper clone or copy of a list in Python3.


Webassembly tutorial using emscripten: Hello world example

Webassembly tutorial in which we will create a hello world example. We will use more standard and recommended way.


Python3 yield explained

In this tutorial we explain what is the use of python yield which can improve the overall performance of your python application.