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How to compile and install apache arrow from source code

Learn how to compile from source code apache arrow project to start using it with python.


How to plot with python pandas

Learn how to do simple plot for python beginners with pandas


Setup a python data analysis environment

In this tutorial we are going to use anaconda for quick library installation and we also show how to organize your files.


How to do a linear regression with sklearn

We are going to create a predictive model using linear regression using sklearn (scikit-learn).


How to switch between multiple python interpreters

Pyenv is a great tools to install and switch multiple python interpreters. Learn here how to install and use it.


How to make Kali Linux booteable usb on Windows

Learn how to create a USB Booteable on Windows for Kali Linux.


How to reset nessus password

Learn how to change nessus admin or other users password.


How to install and configure MySQL on Ubuntu 16.04

Follow this guide to installing MySQL on ubuntu 16.04. We also cover how to create a database user.


How to install Java (Oracle) the proper way on Ubuntu 16.04

Find here the best way to install Oracle Java on Ubuntu 16.04.


Webassembly initial steps tutorial or how to start with wasm

Webassembly initial steps for the begginer. Learn how to setup the development environment with a simple example.